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“Caribbean” Cottage at Garden of Eden Cottage Collection1 / 1Coral Bay
“Ocean” Cottage at Garden of Eden Cottage Collection1 / 1Coral Bay
1W Paradise Carest at Lavender Hill1 / 1Cruz Bay
2B Peter Bay4 / 4.5Peter Bay
3W – Lavender Hill Suites® – Unit 3W2 / 2Cruz Bay
4W Cruz Bay Vista at Lavender Hill1 / 1Cruz Bay
8E – Sunsets & Serenity at Lavender Hill1 / 1Cruz Bay
A House of Open Arms1 / 1Coral Bay
A House of Open Arms Cottage1 / 1Coral Bay
A Winsome House2 / 2Ajax Peak
Abrigado Villa4 / 4.5Virgin Grand Estates
Adeste Villa3 / 3Coral Bay
Alexandra Cottage1 / 1Cruz Bay
Alice by the Sea4 / 4Coral Bay
All About The View2 / 2.5Bordeaux Mtn
Allesandra Villa4 / 4Chocolate Hole
Almost Heaven3 / 3Bordeaux Mtn
Alta Vista3 / 3Coral Bay
Amarilla Villa3 / 3.5Coral Bay
Ambiance Villa5 / 4.5Chocolate Hole
Ami La Vita4 / 3.5Rendezvous Bay
Amorosa Peter Bay4 / 5Peter Bay
Andante by the Sea3 / 3Hart Bay
Aqua Gem2 / 2.5Chocolate Hole
Aquamare at Grande Bay2 / 2Cruz Bay
Arco Iris3 / 3.5Rendezvous Bay
Ard Na Mara4 / 4Virgin Grand Estates
Areca Peter Bay5 / 5.5Peter Bay
Argonauta5 / 5Great Cruz Bay
Aria Villa2 / 2Coral Bay
Astral Ridge3 / 4Coral Bay
Avontuur Villa4 / 4Chocolate Hole
Azul3 / 3.5Peter Bay
Bahia Vista1 / 1Coral Bay
Banana Cabana Villa2 / 2Coral Bay
Banana Sweet1 / 1Coral Bay
Barefoot Life Villa3 / 3.5Virgin Grand Estates
Bay Rum Breeze Villa4 / 3.5Mamey Peak
Bayview3 / 3Ajax Peak
Bayview Penthouse at Lavender Hill2 / 2Cruz Bay
Beach Cottage2 / 2East End
Beach Walk Villa5 / 5.5Chocolate Hole
Beautiful Morning at Grande Bay3 / 2Cruz Bay
Beija Flor4 / 4.5Fish Bay
Bliss at Cruz Views #12 / 1Cruz Bay
Blue Coral Villa3 / 3Cruz Bay
Blue Palm Villa3 / 3Coral Bay
Blue Papaya – Virgin Grand Estates4 / 4.5Gifft Hill
Blue Seas at Lavender Hill1 / 1Cruz Bay
Bo Atabey2 / 2Coral Bay
Bombalassy2 / 2.5Great Cruz Bay
Bongo Bongo2 / 2Chocolate Hole
Bordo Mare2 / 2.5Chocolate Hole
Brezza di Mare2 / 2.5Fish Bay
Buena Vida at Grande Bay Resort1 / 1Cruz Bay
Bungalow Blue1 / 1Coral Bay
Calicaribe3 / 3Cruz Bay
Calichi at Picture Point- The Bougainvillea Family Villa2 / 2Bordeaux Mtn
Calichi at Picture Point- The Guava House1 / 1Bordeaux Mtn
Calichi at Picture Point- The Orchid Villa2 / 2Bordeaux Mtn
Calichi at Picture Point- The Papaya House1 / 1Bordeaux Mtn
Calichi at Picture Point- The Royal Palm Villa2 / 2Bordeaux Mtn
Calichi at Picture Point- The Tower Villa2 / 2Bordeaux Mtn
Calypso Del Sol3 / 3Chocolate Hole
Captain’s Cabin1 / 1.5Johns Folly
Captain’s View2 / 2Cruz Bay
Cara Mia3 / 3.5Rendezvous Bay
Caribbean Jewels Villa2 / 2.5Ajax Peak
Caribbean Palm Villa3 / 3.5Rendezvous Bay
Caribe Breeze Villa, St. John2 / 3Coral Bay
Caribe Villa5 / 5.5Klein Bay
Carmel by the Sea1 / 1Fish Bay
Casa Coram Deo5 / 5.5
Casa De Sonadores5 / 5.5Virgin Grand Estates
Casa de Suenos Villa5 / 5.5Johns Folly
Casa Del Sol4 / 4Rendezvous Bay
Casa La Famiglia Villa5 / 4.5Ditleff Point
Casa Mare Villa4 / 5Chocolate Hole
Catch n Keep Cottage1 / 1Coral Bay
Chateau Margot6 / 5.5Bordeaux Mtn
Christy Ann Villa2.5 / 2Rendezvous Bay
Ciellodonna4 / 5Chocolate Hole
Cielo Vista3 / 2.5Gifft Hill
Cinnamon Stones Villa3 / 4.5Catherineberg
Cliffhanger3 / 4Coral Bay
Cloud Nine3 / 3Gifft Hill
Coco Caribe Villa4 / 5.5Fish Bay
Coconut Coast Villas1 / 1Cruz Bay
Coconut Cottage1 / 1Chocolate Hole
Coconut Hill Cottage3 / 3Coral Bay
Coconuts3 / 3Gifft Hill
Cocotier Villa – Virgin Grand Estates4 / 4.5Gifft Hill
Conch Villa Vista2 / 1Cruz Bay
Coral Bay Vista1 / 1Coral Bay
Coral Caribe Villa1 / 1.5Fish Bay
Coral Sky4 / 3.5Coral Bay
Coyaba2 / 2Chocolate Hole
Croix Vista4 / 4.5Fish Bay
Cruz Views #9 – Romantic Moment1 / 1Cruz Bay
Cruz Views No. 4 – Destiny2 / 1Cruz Bay
Cruz Views No. 61 / 1Cruz Bay
C’est La Sea3 / 3Great Cruz Bay
Daffodil Villa3 / 3Fish Bay
Deja View Villa6 / 6.5Fish Bay
Dove Cottage2 / 1.5East End
Down Yonder Pool Villa2 / 2Chocolate Hole
Drake’s View4 / 4.5Bordeaux Mtn
Drakes Lookout3 / 3.5Coral Bay
Dream Come True3 / 3.5Chocolate Hole
Eaglesnest3 / 3Great Cruz Bay
East of Eden Villa : Beachfront3 / 3East End
Eco Friendly Beachfront Villa4 / 3.5Reef Bay
Eco Haute1 / 1East End
Eco Serendib Villa & Spa8 / 10Rendezvous Bay
Egret’s Rest at Grande Bay Resort1 / 1Cruz Bay
El Caribe1 / 2Fish Bay
Elysium2 / 2Fish Bay
Estate Lindholm1 / 1Cruz Bay
Estate Solenborg7 / 7Hawksnest Bay
Exotic View2 / 2.5Cruz Bay
Fair Winds Cottages2 / 2Coral Bay
Faith Full View1 / 1Coral Bay
Fiddlers Green1 / 1.5Coral Bay
Fiddlewood Cottage1 / 1.5Coral Bay
Fish Tales Cottage2 / 2Fish Bay
French Cap2 / 2Chocolate Hole
Gallows Point Resort Suite 10A1 / 1.5Cruz Bay
Gallows Point Resort Suite 1D1 / 1.5Cruz Bay
Gallows Point Resort Suite 8C1 / 1.5Cruz Bay
Gallows Point Resort Suite 9A1 / 1Cruz Bay
Gallows Point Resort Suite 9C1 / 1.5Cruz Bay
Gallows Point Seaview Beach Cottage2 / 2Cruz Bay
Garden by the Sea1 / 1Cruz Bay
Ginger Thomas2 / 2Cruz Bay
Grand Retreat at Grande Bay Resort3 / 2Cruz Bay
Grande Bay Penthouse1 / 1.5Cruz Bay
Great Escape Villa4 / 4Catherineberg
Great Expectations8 / 9Chocolate Hole
Haiku3 / 2Chocolate Hole
Hale Lani Villa4 / 3.5Great Cruz Bay
Happy Our Villa3 / 3Coral Bay
Happy Place3 / 3Chocolate Hole
Harbor Lights1 / 1Coral Bay
Harbor View Townhouse1 / 1Cruz Bay
Harborview Cottage1 / 1Coral Bay
Hawksbill2 / 2Chocolate Hole
Hawksnest Villa4 / 4.5Hawksnest Bay
Hawksview Estate4 / 4Hawksnest Bay
Horizons Cottage2 / 2.5Johns Folly
Hummingbird’s Seacret2 / 2Great Cruz Bay
Idyllic Villa3 / 3Great Cruz Bay
Iggy’s2 / 1Cruz Bay
Ilios Villa3 / 3.5Hart Bay
In Harmony Retreat1 / 1Coral Bay
Indigo Breeze4 / 5Ajax Peak
Inn Paradise4 / 4Chocolate Hole
Into the Mystic Lower Suite- / 1Coral Bay
Island Breeze Villa3 / 3Coral Bay
ISLAND GIRL4 / 4.5Coral Bay
Island Horizons3 / 4.5Bordeaux Mtn
Island Stones Villa6 / 8Catherineberg
J2O Penthouse at Grande Bay Resort2 / 2Cruz Bay
Jasmine2 / 2Chocolate Hole
Jolly Diversion2 / 2Fish Bay
Joy of Life Villa for Couples; VIEWS, Privacy, WiFi, Sanitized1 / 1Coral Bay
Kachi Ra1 / 1Cruz Bay
Kia Ora Villa3 / 3.5Chocolate Hole
L’Agave4 / 4Rendezvous Bay
La Collina Villa4 / 4Great Cruz Bay
La Mer Villa4 / 4.5Bordeaux Mtn
La Vita5 / 5.5Peter Bay
Lakohely2.5 / 1Coral Bay
Las Brisas Caribe Villa4 / 4.5Great Cruz Bay
Le Lapin II4 / 3.5Hart Bay
Lidskjalf at Annaberg3 / 2Francis Bay
Lily Cottage1 / 1Coral Bay
LIME IN DE COCONUT5 / 4Chocolate Hole
Lime Time2 / 1Coral Bay
Limin’ Time2 / 2Chocolate Hole
LITTLE LAGOON – ST. JOHN, V.I.2 / 2Johns Folly
Little Palm Vista Honeymoon/Guest Suite1 / 1Fish Bay
Lunazul2 / 2.5Coral Bay
Magic View Villa2 / 2Chocolate Hole
Mandahl Tent/Cottage closed for the season. look again in the fall1 / 1Kiddel Bay
Mango Terrace2 / 2Cruz Bay
Marbella3 / 3Virgin Grand Estates
Mare Blu Villa6 / 8Rendezvous Bay
Maria Breeze5 / 5Chocolate Hole
Memory Maker at Grande Bay3 / 2Cruz Bay
Miles Away Villa2 / 2Ditleff Point
Mint Mecca3 / 3Chocolate Hole
Montana by the Sea3 / 3Fish Bay
Monte Bay7 / 7.5Rendezvous Bay
Mooncottage2 / 2Coral Bay
Moonglow Cottage1 / 1Coral Bay
Moonswept Villa2 / 2Coral Bay
Morgan Point Villa3 / 3Great Cruz Bay
Mornin’ Glory3 / 2Coral Bay
Mystic Ridge4 / 4.5Bordeaux Mtn
New Moon Escape3 / 2Coral Bay
Notre Ciel2 / 2Mamey Peak
Ocean Garden Villa1 / 1Great Cruz Bay
Ocean View at Grande Bay Resort1 / 1.5Cruz Bay
Oceanport Villa4 / 4Hart Bay
Oleander3 / 3.5Klein Bay
On a Clear Day…4 / 4.5Francis Bay
Orchid Knoll2 / 2.5Bordeaux Mtn
Palladio’s View3 / 2.5Coral Bay
Palm Hill Villa3 / 3.5Chocolate Hole
Palm Ridge Villa4 / 3.5Coral Bay
Palm Terrace – Bougainvillea3 / 3Cruz Bay
Palm Terrace – The Penthouse3 / 3Cruz Bay
Palm Vista Villa3 / 3Fish Bay
Panacea – Battery Hill2 / 2Cruz Bay
Papaya Suite at Sunset Serenade1 / 1Cruz Bay
Paradise Found Villa1 / 1Cruz Bay
Paradise Revisited4 / 4Chocolate Hole
Paradise Suite1 / 1Cruz Bay
Pastory View1 / 1Cruz Bay
Peace and Plenty Villa4 / 4.5Catherineberg
Pebble Cove3 / 3.5East End
Penthouse at Sunset Serenade Suites1 / 1Cruz Bay
Perelandra2 / 2Great Cruz Bay
Periwinkle2 / 2Chocolate Hole
Peter Bay Gatehouse Suites1 / 1Peter Bay
Pink Conch2 / 2.5Great Cruz Bay
Poolside in Paradise, Castaway Villa3 / 3.5Chocolate Hole
Rainbow Beach House4 / 4Coral Bay
Rara Avis4 / 3.5Hart Bay
Rendezview Villa4 / 3.5Hart Bay
Rosebay1 / 1Chocolate Hole
Sago Cottage1 / 1Coral Bay
Sail View Villa3 / 3.5Coral Bay
Salty Kisses & Goodnight Wishes1 / 1Coral Bay
Samba Azul2 / 2Chocolate Hole
San Costanzo3 / 2Fish Bay
Sapphire Breeze4 / 4Great Cruz Bay
Sapphire Sunrise4 / 4Bordeaux Mtn
Sea Biscuit3 / 3.5Coral Bay
Sea Breeze at Battery Hill2 / 1Cruz Bay
Sea Cottage1 / 1Bordeaux Mtn
Sea Grape at Battery Hill2 / 1Cruz Bay
Sea Kissed Honeymoon Suite at Grande Bay Resort1 / 1Cruz Bay
Sea Palace Retreat2 / 2.5Coral Bay
Sea Spirit1 / 1Kiddel Bay
Sea Stone2 / 2.5Chocolate Hole
SEAclusion – St. John2 / 3Ajax Peak
Seagrape Estate3 / 3Coral Bay
SeaRock2 / 2Coral Bay
Seaside at Grande Bay Resort2 / 2Cruz Bay
Seaside Vista Beachfront Cottage2 / 1Cruz Bay
Seawind Villa3 / 3Chocolate Hole
Secret Seashell3 / 3.5Coral Bay
Serenity Villa3 / 3Great Cruz Bay
Silver Coral6 / 4Great Cruz Bay
Silver Palm at Palm Terrace4 / 3Cruz Bay
Skedaddle Cottage1 / 1Cruz Bay
Skyflower2 / 3Bordeaux Mtn
Skyloft1 / 1Coral Bay
Sol Inclination4 / 4Fish Bay
Solemare3 / 3.5Coral Bay
Sonnenskuss Apartment1 / 1Cruz Bay
Sopra Mare2 / 2.5Chocolate Hole
Southern Exposure3 / 3Fish Bay
Splendore3 / 2.5Chocolate Hole
St. John Escape at Grande Bay1 / 1Cruz Bay
St. John Great House 2703 / 4Rendezvous Bay
Starstruck Villa4 / 4.5Gifft Hill
Still Waters3 / 2Chocolate Hole
Stone Post Estate5 / 5Chocolate Hole
Stonehouse3 / 3.5Coral Bay
String of Pearls – beachfront1 / 1Great Cruz Bay
Summerwind4 / 4.5Bordeaux Mtn
Sun Moon & Stars1 / 1Coral Bay
SunDancer3 / 3.5Fish Bay
Sunnyledge3 / 3.5Francis Bay
Sunrise Sweet Couple’s Retreat: Great view, fast WiFi, Sanitized1 / 1Coral Bay
Sunset View1 / 1Cruz Bay
Surfside3 / 3Reef Bay
Swogjan’s Dragon3 / 3Coral Bay
Teahouse Treehouse1 / 1Coral Bay
Tennis Cottage3 / 3Chocolate Hole
Tennis Villa4 / 4Great Cruz Bay
The Love Palace3 / 2Cruz Bay
The Maho Bay House4 / 5Maho Bay
The Other World3 / 3Great Cruz Bay
The Point at Maria Bluff Cottage2 / 2Chocolate Hole
The Point at Maria Bluff Villa4 / 4.5Chocolate Hole
Three Mangos Villa4 / 3Cruz Bay
Time Out Villa2 / 2Chocolate Hole
Tortuga Cottage1 / 1Coral Bay
Tranquil Breeze3 / 3Great Cruz Bay
Treasure Ridge Villa3 / 3Chocolate Hole
Tropical Blessings | Palm Terrace3 / 3Cruz Bay
Tropical Manor4 / 4Coral Bay
Tropical Orchid Villa1 / 1Great Cruz Bay
Tropical Tree House1 / 1Coral Bay
Turtles Nest1 / 1Fish Bay
Unicorn3 / 3.5Fish Bay
Vela Vista5 / 3Bordeaux Mtn
Vida de Mar5 / 5Chocolate Hole
Villa 4591 / 1Chocolate Hole
Villa Agel4 / 4Coral Bay
Villa Amerigo2 / 3Cruz Bay
Villa Andara3 / 3.75East End
Villa Bijou3 / 3.5Great Cruz Bay
Villa Bismarkia2 / 2Fish Bay
Villa Bonita3 / 3.5Fish Bay
Villa Bougainvillea Complex5 / 5Cruz Bay
Villa Celeste1 / 1Coral Bay
Villa Cielo – Mar2 / 2Cruz Bay
Villa Cin Cin5 / 7Ditleff Point
Villa Coco de Mer5 / 6.5Peter Bay
Villa Colorado4 / 4.5Great Cruz Bay
Villa Hermosa3 / 3.5Fish Bay
Villa Ixora5 / 4Ajax Peak
Villa Kalorama5 / 5Virgin Grand Estates
Villa La Susa- Peter Bay5 / 6.5Peter Bay
Villa Lair-a’Mar2 / 2Coral Bay
Villa Madeira3 / 2.5Chocolate Hole
Villa Madeline2 / 2.5Coral Bay
Villa Mangaade3 / 3Gifft Hill
Villa Mistral5 / 6Hart Bay
Villa Nesta1 / 1Ajax Peak
Villa Papaya at The Hills Saint John3 / 3.5Cruz Bay
Villa Rapture4.5 / 4.5Virgin Grand Estates
Villa SeaCove5 / 5.5Peter Bay
Villa Solare5 / 5Great Cruz Bay
Villa South Palm4 / 4Cruz Bay
Villa St John6 / 7Chocolate Hole
Villa Sunset Cruz3 / 3Virgin Grand Estates
Villa Tesori5 / 5.5Hart Bay
Villa Ventosa3 / 3.5Coral Bay
Villa Venturoso – Cruz Bay (hillside)4 / 4Cruz Bay
Villekula5 / 3Great Cruz Bay
Waterklip Villa2 / 2Great Cruz Bay
Westin 1 Bedroom Villas1 / 2Great Cruz Bay
Westin Hillside 3 Bdrm Pool Villa3 / 3Westin St John Resort
Westin Studio Villas1 / 1Great Cruz Bay
Westin Sunset Bay 2 bdrm Beachfront Villa2 / 2Westin St John Resort
Westin Virgin Grand Townhouse Villa2 / 3Great Cruz Bay
White Cottage Villa4 / 4.5Fish Bay
White Seagull Suite1 / 1Great Cruz Bay
Wind Ridge Villa1 / 1Coral Bay
Windcrest Garden1 / 1Great Cruz Bay
Windcrest Loft1 / 1Great Cruz Bay
Windwardside Guest Cottage1 / 1Coral Bay
Windwardside Main House1 / 2Coral Bay