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We’ve worked hard to create a site that’s easy to use …from sign-up to creating and managing your Property Listing(s). To help you get started – here are some resources showing you how to sign up; and how to build out your Property Listing(s). We’ve described the form fields you’ll need to fill out to complete your Listing(s). You’ll also find helpful hints and information on image sizes – so that your Property Listing will look great on the site!

If you have any issues during sign up or creating your Listing … don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support.

Q: What does it cost?

St John Villa Renatls subscription rates 2020


Built for the St John Villa Rental community …
That’s it! No commissions on bookings. No guest service fees. Just one reasonable flat rate annual subscription! Our target subscription annual fee won’t go up for the foreseeable future. And we are committed to maintaining our focus strictly on St John properties!



Interested in knowing what it will cost and how to get your property listed on www.StJohn-VillaRentals.com?

Click Here: Check out this page for all the information.



Building your property listing is very easy. Our step-by-step tutorial outlines everything you’ll need to know to complete and publish your St John property listing. You’ll find familiar text editor tools and an easy-to-use web interface for creating, editing, publishing and managing your St John Rental Property Listing(s). The Tutorial defines each field you’ll need to fill in – and what information will display on the site. We’ve detailed – creating your image gallery, choosing a Featured Image as well as the best image size to upload to the site.

Click Here: To view our online tutorial for creating your St John Rental Villa Listing

Use Password: SJ-VR



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