Once you click Submit Property you’ll be taken to your new Property Listing Page form. We’ve worked hard to make this part as easy and intuitive to use as our amazing search features! So, no worries, you’ll be creating and posting your property in no time!

Step 1

property-page_01Villa/property name only, please!
Absolutely no symbols or marketing text!

This will appear at the top of your listing as well as across thumbnail images, in our search results and on Google Maps.



Here’s your chance to sell your property with great descriptions of amenities, location details …what guests can expect …and why your property should be on their short list for their St John home away from home vacation rental! Use familiar text editing tools to create attractive and easy to read listing information!



Use this area to give guests any important information and instructions for reserving your St John property!



Property Location [ used in search ] Check the box next to the Area that is or is closest to your property location on St John.

Property Type – check the box that most closely fits the type of rental property listed. This is used on the rental search engine.




Click within the Property Features form field and select from our pre-loaded Features List. Click again to add each amenity/feature.

Add images to your Gallery

The Featured Image will appear first and be used for villa thumbnail images in search results and on our custom Google Map. Choosing an attractive image is paramount – as it may well determine the amount of interest in your villa – especially early in a viewers search activity.

St John villa rentals professional photographers

Professional images really sell your property. If you are relying on poorly shot images or images of low quality or resolution – consider having your villa shot by a professional. St John and St Thomas are home to some fantastic professional photographers at all price ranges. Marketing your villa should start with great images! Looking for a recommendation? Reach out to us and we’ll gladly supply you with our TOP PICKS!

The images you add will be automatically resized for use as featured image, gallery image, gallery thumbnails, property listing thumbnails and on Google Maps thumbnails. However, you only need to upload one size image! The dimensions of the image should be 1600px X 1067px to display at the highest quality. We’ve supplied the dimensions in other popular sizes/resolutions, above, for your reference. Once uploaded, you can drag and drop the images to sort them.

Click to download a template for your images
( You’ll need an image editing application to use the file )


To increase the “visibility” of your listing and to boost the “visibility” of the entire site – we ask that you take the time to give your image files descriptive file names. Example: My-Villa-bedroom-suite.jpg, my-villa-pool-view.jpg. This helps the search engines ( Google, Yahoo!, BING, etc) to better understand the content of the photo – and thus, boost your ranking when a user does a search on the internet. To do this please fill out the media fields called ” Alternative Text” and “Description”.

St John villa rental seo instructions

WARNING: Keep it accurate and short. Simply describe the image, including your villa name. Google penalizes images that attempt to “game” the system with lots of keywords or text : (



The easiest way to mark your villa/property location is to begin to type Cruz Bay or Coral Bay into the address field. Choose from Google’s city list that appears below your address field. Then simple click and drag the marker to the exact location of your villa/property. Zoom in for greater street detail. Click on “satellite” to see villas within the satellite imagery.



Enter the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.



Choose your relationship to the property –  from the drop down.



Have a floor plan of your property? Upload it here. Add a short description if you like!

Bedrooms and Average Night

Our unique search engine uses this info in selecting properties that match a user’s search. Calculate the average cost per night for each number of bedrooms you have for rent.
Leave the bedroom form field empty for any number of bedrooms you DO NOT have to rent.

Our search engine is designed to return highly accurate results based on user supplied inputs. An exaggerated example …A user looking for a 4 bedroom at $200/nt won’t see your villa in the search results! A user looking for a 2 bedroom villa whose budget matches your cost-per-night will show up in the search results. This leads to higher response rates and inquiries.

Gaming The System

Since price is very often a determining factor in vacation rental searches – we’ve made every attempt to reward listings that accurately list their average night cost and penalize listings that attempt to manipulate our search results. We found that when search results matched a guests search budget and expectation it resulted in MUCH higher satisfaction with the villa selection. Guests were far less likely to rate the experience as positive when we tested with adjusted average night costs that didn’t reflect the real cost per night. And those same guests proved time and time again that they would disregard rentals that were not within their budget range.



Enter your weekly rate information [ not used in search pricing ]. These prices should be used to convey your rates for each season and any special times like holidays or low season discounts. Viewers will see these numbers and your booking quote should reflect these prices.

1st Rate Title and Text is intended for Off/low season information.

2nd Rate Title and Text is intended for High Season information


Edit and update your calendar after you Pay and Publish your Listing.


Click the aqua colored Update Property button to save and publish your St John rental property listing!

How to create your property listing - update property button

And that’s it! You’ve created your villa listing on


Before your St John property listing goes “live” you’ll need to pay for the listing. Once the transaction is completed your Property Listing will be visible to guests / users in search results and our custom interactive Google Map.

Here are the steps …

Submit property message

Your Property Listing has successfully been saved. Next step: Following the directions in the green box …

My St John rental villa properties

Click on “My Properties” in the upper right corner of the web page.

Paypal button for your St John rental listing

Click the Paypal “Buy Now” button to pay for your new listing.

Once the transaction is completed your Property Listing will be visible to guests / users in search results and our custom interactive Google Map.

Welcome aboard, St john Villa Rentals!

Next step … mark off your calendar with your current bookings.


Simply click on each day to change it from “Available” to “Booked” (click on a booked date to revert to available). You’ll notice that the first day, check-in, and the last day, check-out, are automatically indicated. These half days are seen by our search engine as “Available” so that potentially renters can search using their arrival and departure dates.

Be sure to update your calendar – so that guests can see and search for available dates!


Want to make a change or update your calendar? Simple. Login to your account. Click “My Property” in the upper right hand of the web page. Then click the pencil icon to open up your Property Listing page.

Instructions on updating your St John villa rental listing

When you’re done … done forget to click “UPDATE” – located in the upper right column of the Page editor.

Update your WordPress page