US Virgin Islands COVID 19 travel information
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Effective SEPT. 19, 2020
Please visit the USVI’s COVID information site for details and updates including Phase Details. HTTPS://WWW.VI.GOV/COVID/




Many US states have begun easing Coronavirus travel restrictions. The US Virgin Islands reopened on September 19, 2020. Governor Bryan was an early adopter of restricting travel to/from the Territory. His decisive and prudent actions likely saved the US Virgin Islands from the kind of infection numbers seen in many US states. As travel reopens, visitors should understand that the Territory’s healthcare system is fragile and resources have historically been limited. Together we can begin the process of easing social restrictions and resuming travel while mitigating the risk that Covid 19 / Coronavirus represents.

Please consider exercising safe travel measures to/from/during your visit to protect yourself, your family and the residents of the US Virgin Islands.

IF POSSIBLE quarantine for 14 days prior to travel to the US Virgin Islands
DO NOT TRAVEL if you don’t feel well or have any COVID19 symptoms  ( Fever (100.4°F / 38°C or higher), Cough, Shortness of breath.
IF YOU DEVELOP SYMPTOMS while on vacation – Call the Department of Health’s hotline at 340-776-1519 for instructions.!


  • Wear a mask
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth
  • Social distancing whenever possible
  • Pre-book/pay for transportation online, whenever possible
  • Consider using private airport/taxi
  • Use credit cards vs cash
  • Provisioning Services: Landlubber Logistics
  • Use hand sanitizer when hand washing isn’t available
  • Use antibacterial wipes to wipe down seat backs, tray tables, armrests, doorhandles, etc.


  • PPE, person protective equipment, gloves, masks, hand sanitizer
  • Antibacterial wipes


  • Practice social distancing – avoid crowded bars/restaurants/taxis, etc.
  • Consider hiring a provisioning service
  • Consider take-out vs dining-in
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Wear a mask whenever shopping or when social distancing isn’t possible
  • Wipe down surfaces, door handles ,luggage , etc. with antibacterial wipes
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose, mouth

If you do not feel well and/or suspect COVID19 infection:

  • Call the Department of Health’s hotline at 340-776-1519 for instructions.
  • NOTE: St John does not have a hospital.

Government of the US Virgin Islands COVID19 Information


To receive updates, alerts and notifications on the Coronavirus in the USVI, TEXT “COVID19USVI” to 888777.

COVID19 Coronavirus St John USVI travel advisory information

St John Travel Advisory: COVID19 / Coronavirus

Effective June 1, 2020, US Virgin Islands Governor Bryan has reopened the Territory to visitors.

News and information is changing each day as the COVID19 virus spreads around the Globe. For this reason we are recommending that guests booked for visits to the US Virgin Islands reach out to vacation rental owners and managers to discuss the impact and potential remedies for reservations / bookings over the next few months.

What do I do if I have a trip booked …?
As the COVID19 virus spreads – transportation and accommodations providers are working on a case-by-case basis to cancel, refund, or rebook at a later date. In addition, airlines may decide to reduce flights to certain destinations. The cruise ship industry has suspended cruises in the Region. The US Virgin Islands has closed ports to cruise ships. For these reasons – we recommend reaching out to your vacation rental Host to discuss your concerns.

Can I expect to get a full refund for my vacation rental?
St John’s vacation rental owners and managers each have their own cancellation policies. And owners and managers cancellation policies are evolving in regards to travelers impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. In these uncertain times – our owners and managers are working with guests to find a path that is fair for all parties. We suggest communicating with your island Host to see if your vacation will be impacted; and what can be done to mitigate the impact …

I am booked for Christmas 2020. Should I cancel?
Cancellations are a personal choice. Only you can decide the answer to this question. What we are recommending is a wait-and-see strategy. As we get closer to your visit dates – assess the current state of travel from your area to the US Virgin Islands. If you are concerned about a future booking – please reach out and communicate with the owner/manager of your vacation rental. They’ll be glad to answer questions, give updates and work with you to address the stress of uncertainty.

When will I be able to book a stay on St John?
The Coronavirus pandemic is still very much evolving. For this reason we recommend a wait-and-see strategy. As more information becomes available – we believe travel will resume. When? Well, that is anybody’s best guess. So stay tuned for more information. We’ll be sharing updates on anything that affects travel to/from the US Virgin Islands.

Should I get Trip Insurance?
We have always recommended trip insurance for guests visiting St John, US Virgin Islands. Since most reservations are made months or even a year or more in advance … it’s prudent to protect your vacation against weather, health and For Any Reason depending on your age, health, work, family situations. Since each company and policy has so many choices for coverage – we don’t recommend any one provider or policy. Please research the provider and policy that is best for you.

Note: Some homeowners insurance policies have vacation travel insurance add-ons. Check with your insurance provider to see if this solution fits your needs.

A Message for St John Villa Rentals Site

As the Covid19 virus evolves it will impact global health and commerce on an unprecedented scale. Just as your personal and financial situation is unique – so is the situation of each one of our St John vacation rental owners. In 2017 St John suffered back to back CAT5 hurricanes which destroyed homes and infrastructure and disrupted travel and business for 6 to 12 months! We are asking that guests and owners/managers work together and communicate to resolve cancellations that impact both sides. What does that mean? That means patience and understanding from both parties. When this pandemic has run its course – travel will resume. And when it does … we hope everybody can look back and be proud of the patience, compassion, sympathy and cooperation that we each displayed.

East of Eden Villa beachfront St John vacation rental

With over 2/3rds of St John island and surrounding waters protected by the US Virgin Islands National Park – it’s rare to find a St John beachfront vacation rental. If you’re looking for a beachfront rental … we’ve put together this resource so you can quickly find the perfect place to stay on St John!

Rates and availability subject to change. Current as of the time the article was published. 


St John Beachfront Vacation Rentals

2B Peter Bay Villa

Description: 4 bedroom, 4 bath, pool, spa, A/C, ocean views, kid-friendly, wifi, washer/dryer.
Location: Peter Bay / North Shore
Low Season Rates: 1-8 Guests = $13,000
High Season Rates: 1-8 Guests = $18,000
View Listing

Beach Cottage St John beach chairs

Beach Cottage

Description: 2 bedroom, 2 bath, pool, spa, A/C, ocean views, kid-friendly, wifi, white sand beach.!!!!!
Location: Lime Tree Cove / East End
Low Season Rates: Start at $3150/wk/2 guests
High Season Rates: Start at $4620/wk/2 guests
View Listing

East of Eden Villa beachfront St John


Description: 3 bedroom, 3 bath, pool, A/C, ocean views, kid-friendly, pet friendly, outdoor shower, wifi, white sand beach.!!!!!
Location: Hansen Bay / East End
Low Season Rates: Start at $5,000/wk/2 guests
High Season Rates: Start at $6,700/wk/2 guests
View Listing


Beautful beachfront villa.


Description: 5 bedroom, 5 bath, pool, spa, A/C, ocean views, kid-friendly, wifi, washer/dryer, pebble beach.
Location: Devers Bay
Low Season Rates: Start at $5,500/wk/2 guests (sleeps up to 10)
High Season Rates: Start at $8,300/wk/2 guests (sleeps up to 10)
View Listing


Grande Bay Resort

Description: 1-3 Bedroom condos, pool, A/C, ocean views, gym, parking, kid-friendly*, wifi, washer/dryer*, walk-to-everything Cruz Bay. [photo: J2O Penthouse ] Location: Cruz Bay
Low Season Rates: Start at $300/nt/2 guests
High Season Rates: Start at $425/nt/2 guests
View Listing


Description: 6 bedroom, 6.5 bath, pool, spa, A/C, ocean views, kid-friendly, wifi, beachfront.
Location: Chocolate Hole Bay
Low Season Rates: 1-12 Guests = $1,800/nt
High Season Rates: 1-12 Guests = $2,571/nt
View Listing


Description: 5 bedroom, 5.5 bath, pool, A/C, ocean views, kid-friendly, wifi, water access.
Location: Chocolate Hole Bay
Low Season Rates: 1-4 Guests = $4,400/wk (+$49/nt/p)
High Season Rates: 1-4 Guests = $5,900/nt (+$79/nt/p)
View Listing

Rainbow Beach House St John pool view


Description: 4 bedroom, 4 bath, pool, spa, A/C, ocean views, kid-friendly, wifi, beachfront.
Location: Coral Bay
Low Season Rates: 1-2 Guests = $2,650/wk (see listing for 3-8 pl $)
High Season Rates: 1-2 Guests = $4,865/wk (see listing for 3-8 pl $)
View Listing

Westin St John pool


Description: 1-3 Bedroom condos, pool, A/C, ocean views, gym, parking, kid-friendly*, wifi, beach.
Location: Great Cruz Bay
Rates range from $3,000 to $12,000 depending on season, holiday and size of unit.
View Listing

Gallows Point St John condo aerial


Description: 1 bedroom, 1 bath, pool, A/C, ocean views, kid-friendly, wifi, beachfront.
Location: Cruz Bay
Low Season Rates: Start at $475/nt/2 guests
High Season Rates: Start at $625/nt/2 guests
View Listing

C’est La Sea aerial over Great Cruz Bay, St John, US Virgin Islands


Description: 3 bedroom, 3 bath, pool, spa, A/C, ocean views, kid-friendly, wifi, steps to Great Cruz Bay!
Location: Great Cruz Bay
Low Season Rates: Start at $2,800/wk/2 guests ( sleeps 6 )
High Season Rates: Start at $4,850/wk/2 guests ( sleeps 6 )
View Listing


St John Magazine cover launch

St John Magazine launches as a digital-only publication!

Some readers might remember a high gloss lux’ print magazine by the same title. First published in 2007 by MaLinda Media / MaLinda Nelson / former publisher of the St John Tradewinds newspaper. The Addy Award winning magazine enjoyed a strong following. While readers were mesmerized by the beautiful photography, wonderful writing and sophisticated presentation – the financial pressure of creating, printing, advertising and distributing … eventually shuttered the publication in 2014. This latest St John Magazine is a new venture from a new publisher – not connected to the original print magazine.

St John Magazine cover 2019For those readers looking for interesting articles about the island of St John – we’ve got some exciting news! The web site St. John Magazine just launched as a digital publication. Among the pages of the web site you’ll find articles about St John’s history, culture, things to do and explore, places to stay, and trip planning guides and reviews. Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a repeat guest – you’re sure to find something of interest, stunning photos, amazing videos, trusted reviews, and awesome recommendations and insights. So check out the site and let us know what you think!

Digital Publishing allows for rich multi-media like video, VR / 360° and interactive maps!

The First Issue is nearing completion. But we can tell you it will contain articles on Lime Out ( St John’s floating taco bar!), Flyaway Charters HOT NEW History/Snorkeling island tour, Best St John Happy Hours, Trunk Bay Day Tripping, Snorkeling Henley Cay, Top 5 St John Beaches, and local craft beer makers, St John Brewers | Tap Room. Current and future articles will focus on St John’s early history, Danish slave-era plantations, places to stay, eats + drinks reviews and restaurant spotlights, things to do, shopping, local arts, crafts and foods and real estate. We’re confident that covers the interests of nearly everybody that is … or will visit the Island.

Each issue will include the work of a variety of contributors, writers, photographers, videographers, historians and first-hand reviews! Readers will be treated to restaurant and bar reviews. And should your visit to St John inspire a life-changing move … you can even browse St John real estate listings!

We’ve spoken with the publisher – and they have no plans to print the magazine. David Pinardi / publisher said “We’re embracing the digital age. While we understand that some people enjoy the tactile interaction of printed reading – the costs to create, design and distribute a printed magazine for a niche destination makes it cost prohibitive. We ask that readers have a look and see the advantages of digital vs print. You’ll find free access, unlimited distribution/sharing, rich multi-media including video, animations, VR / 360° spherical images and interactive maps all combine to make digital a much better presentation. We hope you’ll agree!”

AirBnB service fees

Airbnb’s “secret” can cost you hundreds … even thousands of dollars!

A new millennium brought us a revolutionary way to find and book vacation rentals. The internet provided the perfect place to search for vacation rentals – in a growing marketplace that what would eventually become Vacation Rental By Owner, otherwise knows as “VRBO”. Founded by a husband and wife, Dave and Lynn Clouse, VRBO would become the largest online source for vacation rental listings by owners. In 2006 they sold the business and web site to the online travel giant, HomeAway. VRBO remains one of the most popular web sites for guests to find and book direct with owners. The term “VRBO” became synonymous with vacation rentals.

The term “AIRBNB” is synonymous with finding and booking a place to stay.

On August 11, 2008 a site was launched by two former schoolmates, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia. The site, quickly outgrew their apartment “office”. In March of 2009 the name of the company and web site domain name were shortened to The term AirBnB has largely replaced “VRBO” in American vernacular as a way to choose and book places to stay, directly with owners, around the world! Today, even as the landscape of the online travel industry shifts, we’re firmly in an era where AirBnB is seen as the place to search and book a place to stay directly with owners!

VRBO caps it’s service fee at a maximum of $599.
While rival AirBnB charges guests 0%-20% of the booking.

As the titans of online direct with owner vacation rentals vie for our bookings, AirBnB has established a fee structure that VRBO is keen to match. VRBO has shifted from an annual subscription model to a percentage of each booking paid by owners combined with a guest “service fee” calculated as a percentage of their booking total. But here’s where our two competitors divide. VRBO caps it’s service fee at a maximum of $599. While rival AirBnB charges guests 0%-20% of the booking. Note: Without a cap – service fees can amount to hundreds and hundreds, in some cases thousands of dollars!

SOLUTION: HidE Airbnb Fees

In response to the new fees the Book Direct movement was launched; and in general, consumer awareness of these service fees, aka Booking Fees, has expanded especially in travel forums like TripAdvisor. Facing growing guest backlash, AirBnB announced that it would do away with the guest service fee. As part of a test, they rolled out the Fee-Free model on select listings. The results of the “test” are unclear. But the end result seems to be a move to fold the guest fee into owner rental rates!

Sounds fairly innocuous, right? Well, the reality is a consumer nightmare.

In a message to owners, AirBnB offered a choice on how to include Airbnb’s Guest Service Fee in their pricing. The “RECOMMENDED” option is to “Include all Airbnb service fees in your price.“. Sounds fairly innocuous, right? Well, the reality is a consumer nightmare.

AirBnB hidden fees message to owners

…the consumer is now blind to the percentage and actual cost of completing the booking on Airbnb’s platform.

While Airbnb successfully “hides” the guest service fee in owner rates – the result is that Airbnb robs the consumer of the ability to make an educated choice on where and how to book their vacation rental. By combing the owners nightly rate with their fees … the consumer is now blind to the percentage and actual cost of completing the booking on Airbnb’s platform. Clever, perhaps. Devious, for sure!

Here’s an example of the TRUE cost of booking on AIRBNB

AirbnbSTJ Villa Rentals
Feb 15-22, 2020Feb 15-22, 2020
8 Guests / 7 Nights = $17,0038 Guests / 7 Nights = $15,000
Occupancy Tax/Fees = $2,12512.5% VI Hotel Tax = $1,875
TOTAL = $19,128TOTAL = $16,875
$2,253.00 HIGHERRates/dates/fees compared on a single listing on 5/20/2019


what can you do to avoid paying these hidden fees?

Booking fees aren’t going away any time soon. Most large online travel sites are under pressure from investors to produce robust returns. Airbnb’s move to hide their fees in owner rates is just their most recent strategy to wring more money from each transaction. That goal is NOT going to change. So here’s what you can do to get the best rate:

COMPARE PRICING: Take the extra time to compare pricing for the same rental on one or two other sites. Like getting a second opinion from your doctor. Or getting 3 quotes on a home improvement job.

SEARCH FOR BOOK DIRECT OPTIONS: Owners are increasingly diversifying their marketing. One of the ways they accomplish this is with a stand alone web site dedicated to their property. Booking direct with the owner will get you the best rate and eliminate the middleman fees that these large travel sites charge you and the owners.

SEARCH NO FEES SITES: There are a growing number of alternative “No Fees” vacation rental sites. Some, like the site you are currently on, don’t charge owners a commission and they don’t charge guests a booking fee. They provide a centralized inventory for you to browse, search, and connect directly with the vacation rental owner to ask questions and make a reservation. By using “No Fees” vacation rental sites – you’re helping establish and support the Book Direct Movement where owners and guests save!


St John Festival 2019 events schedule

St John’s Festival dates back to the early part of the 20th century. Residents, still under Danish rule, held masquerade events. The original celebrations have given way to today’s modern celebration including Emancipation Day, July 3rd, and the US Independence Day, July 4th. The first official St John Festival began in 1945. It was a one day event bringing people together to share and socialize over food and a colorful parade. Today’s Festival is a month long celebrating island culture, food, music, opening of Carnival Village, pageantry,  fireworks, parade and race events. The St John Festival kicks off with a ribbon cutting ceremony by the honoree, US Virgin Islands Governor and Carnival Queen.

The schedule of events for this years 2019 St John Festival! Enjoy pageantry, music, parades, food and more in the month long cultural celebration!

MAY 12 – ROYALTY INTRODUCTION: 5pm, Cruz Bay Parking Lot

JUNE 1 – PAN-O-RAMA: 4pm, Franklin Powell Park

JUNE 15 – FESTIVAL BIKE RACE: 8am, St John National Park Field

JUNE 16 – PRINCESS & JR. MISS PAGEANT 2019: 6pm, St John National Park Field

JUNE 22 – FESTIVAL QUEEEN PAGEANT 2019: 8pm, St John National Park Field

JUNE 23 – FOOD FAIR & CORONATION: 1pm, Franklin Powell

JUNE 23 – BOAT RACE: 3pm, Cruz Bay Harbor

JUNE 28 – JULY 7 –  VILLAGE OPENING “MEMBERSVILLE”: 7pm-10pm, Cruz Bay Parking Lot

JUNE 29 – CHILDREN’S VILLAGE: 6pm, St John National Park Field

JULY 1-7 –VILLAGE OPENING “MEMBERSVILLE”: 7pm-10pm, Cruz Bay Parking Lot

JULY 3 – EMANCIPATION PROGRAM: 1pm, Cruz Bay Parking Lot

JULY 3 – TORCH LIGHT PARADE: 6pm, Cruz Bay Parking Lot

JULY 4 – JOUVERT: 5am, St John National Park Field

JULY 4 – PARADE: 11am, St John National Park Field

JULY 4 – FIREWORKS: 9pm, Cruz Bay Harbor

JULY 6 – MUSICAL MIX 2019: 9pm, St John National Park Field

JULY 9 – POKER RUN: 12pm, Cruz Bay Harbor

Lime Out VI St John floating bar

Lime Out VI

The internet is buzzing about St John’s latest restaurant/bar launch. Every travel news web site from to Caribbean Journal to Coastal Living published articles. Social media pages shared the owner’s images and posts as the “big day” approached. So, what’s all this fuss about?

Lime Out VI is the brainchild of Richard Baranowski. What’s his idea? Build a floating taco bar – wrapped in lime green siding and topped with solar panels. He and co-owners Dane Tarr and Dylan Buchalter, along with wives Chelsea Baranowski and Val Tarr, teamed up with chef Amaro Rivera and social media and design guru Cynthia Swan. What they created is nothing short of awesome!

Lime Inn restaurant - Lime Out VI taco bar

Richard and Chelsea are owners of one of St John’s most popular restaurants, Lime Inn in Cruz Bay [famous for their local grilled Caribbean lobster!]. So, it seemed only fitting to name this new floating food and drink spot, Lime Out! Doesn’t hurt that the Caribbean phrase “Limin” literally means to relax, kick back, hangout!

This eco-friendly ( solar powered, no single-use straws or non-bio degradable packaging or utensils) attraction serves up fresh and funky tacos and island drinks. One side of Lime Out serves boaters. The other side serves paddle-up patrons at their water-level bar and seating! NOTE: Lime Out asks that you DO NOT swim out to the bar!

Check out their taco and drink menu!

Lime Out VI floating bar three tacosCeviche TacoGreen Curry TacoThe Vegan TacoRum Ribs Taco .. even a Surf + Turf Taco w/short rib, blackened shrimp, feta cheese, locally grown Josephine’s micro greens and avocado.

Here’s a sampling from their current craft cocktail menu:
The Danger, Thai chili infused blue agave tequila, fresh watermelon juice, fresh lime juice and pineapple syrup! Mako Jumbie w/Cruzan light rum. Mudda TuckerAksel RoséHarbor Cooler – a refreshing mix of gin, cucumber infused soda and fresh lime juice. Wiley’s Whiskey – Jack Daniels®, soursop pureé and fresh lime juice. Dielan’s LemonadeFlip’s Grapefruit Margarita and Hunter’s Passion w/ Cruzan mango rum!


Interested in visiting Lime Out VI? They’re located on the Southeastern side of Coral Bay, St John. For hours of operation, menus and to see what they’re up to … please connect via Facebook .

Location: Coral Bay, St John
Drive Time: 20-30 minutes
Distance: 8.0 mi

Directions to Lime Out VI floating Bar:
Take Centerline Road (Highway 10) or North Shore Road heading East. At Columbo Smoothie Shop – Centerline and North Shore merge. Travelers on North Shore Road will bear left when they reach Centerline. Centerline travelers will simply continue on down the hill into Coral Bay. At the bottom of the hill take a LEFT. Follow Rte 107 for about 3/4 of a mile until you see Caribbean Oasis Restaurant (parking) and the Danforth Restaurant ( water taxi pickup in front ) Water taxi is available for $10/pp RT via Flyaway Charters to get to Lime Out VI.

Absolutely no swimming out to the bar, please!


NOTE: Visitors to St John might remember Angel’s Rest. With her bright yellow siding, St John’s floating bar stood out against the aqua blue water and deep blue sky. Sadly, Angel’s Rest was completely destroyed in the pair of CAT5 hurricanes that swept over St John in 2017. Angel’s Rest owner, Peter Hoschl, decided not to rebuild. So ends an era of strong rum drinks, cold beer and lively conversation aboard the iconic Angel’s Rest floating bar!

The Longboard bar + restaurant Cruz Bay St John USVI

The Longboard

The Longboard bar & restaurant Cruz Bay St John menu itemsSept 2017, a pair of CAT5 hurricanes, Irma & Marie, passed over St John separated by just 2 weeks! When the winds died down and the rain-soaked Island began to dry out – a handful of local businesses sprung into action feeding those that had lost everything! The Longboard Cantina, Cruz Bay, served up meals for months.

The Island is largely restored, power is back on, internet and cell phone service is up and running. And the Longboard Cantina has completed it’s own hurricane repairs.

Back to Business

The Longboard is located just 1 block up from the Cruz Bay ferry dock. Sitting along a busy narrow street, you’ll find the inviting open seating and aqua washed interior of this fan-favorite hangout. Famous for their frozen Painkillers – topped with fresh ground nutmeg and served in a pint glass. The Longboard is a great place to have a cold drink, enjoy some appetizers and a wonderful fresh ingredient menu.

The Longboard Cantina Cruz Bay St John best happy hour

Longboard Happy Hour

Not that you’ll need an excuse – but Happy Hours seem to inspire people to gather and enjoy an afternoon or early evening cocktail. And the Longboard Happy Hour is one of our TOP PICKS for Best Cruz Bay Happy Hours! Starting at 3pm and running until 6pm, you can soak up $1 OFF all beers, $6 Frozen painkillers, $6 Island Craft Cocktails and $11 Frose!


Connect with them on Instagram to see some of their amazing craft cocktails and mouth-watering appetizers and dinners! The Longborad Instagram

Caribbean Buzz Helicopter Tours US Virgin Islands activities

Caribbean Buzz Helicopter weddingAnybody that’s spent any time on St Thomas or St John has surely looked up to see the iconic yellow helicopters of Caribbean Buzz. Looks like a great way to see the islands, right? So we decided to get some information and share it with you!

Caribbean Buzz Helicopters is more than a helicopter tour operation. So we sat down with Charlotte, of Caribbean Buzz, to hear about their range of services and tours, including charters, day trips, Helicopters-Adventures, weddings, corporate experience, aerial filming and even flight training!

SJVR: Like so many people … I’ve seen your familiar bright yellow helicopters flying over St John, US Virgin Islands and wondered what it must look like from that height. Can you tell us something about your helicopter tours, destinations and pricing?

CB: [Charlotte] We are limited by your imagination and will work with you to make a unique memory. Otherwise, our basic tour is 30 minutes. This takes you across St. Thomas, North show of St. John, West end Tortola, Jost Van Dyke and adjoining islands, back to St. Thomas. We can customize what you see during 30 minutes: you tell us what you want. We can land on most of the the islands in the BVI (still trying to find a decent spot on Cooper Island), and also fly to Vieques, Culebra, Puerto Rico, St Marten, Anguilla, St Barts, and other down island destinations.

Caribbean Buzz Helicopter tourSJVR: How many passengers do your helicopters accommodate?

CB: We have 2 three passenger helicopters, Robinson 44 Clipper II, and an Airbus H145 which can seat 8 passengers.

SJVR: If the weather is bad, what happens to my tour?

CB: We give you a call and based on availability for both parties try to reschedule the flight or push it later in the day. We want everyone to have a great time!

SJVR: Can you share a few memorable guest flights?

CB: [Charlotte] Ha! We maintain the privacy of all of our clients. But,, since you ask; we’ve had some very funny marriage proposal flights. We were once tasked to make a scavenger hunt across a deserted island and the last clue led to the engagement ring that was buried in the sand. We were very worried that the ring would disappear before it was found! Or one time we flew a few pro basketball players and weren’t quite certain they would fit. They showed up and their feet were so big they almost couldn’t get through the door!

SJVR: It sounds like fun! I’m interested in a Day Trip; but I don’t see any pricing on your website. How much do these trips cost … and how do I make a reservation?

CB: The cost of trips range based on what exactly you would like to do, our minimum is a 30 minute tour for 550.00 USD for the 3 passenger helicopter. Day trips start at around 2100.00 USD for the smaller helicopter. Rates are per helicopter not per seat.

SJVR: [Charlotte] thanks for your time and sharing your unique island service with our readers.

Caribbean Buzz Helicopters is the only FAA approved helicopter co. in the USVIs and BVIs. Their team consists of highly experienced pilots. Caribbean Buzz operates Robinson 44 and H145 helicopters. The R44 accommodates 3 passengers plus pilot. The H145 accommodates 8 passengers plus pilot. And you can relax and enjoy your flight – their pilots have over 25,000 flight hours accident, incident and violation free!

Considering a unique perspective on Paradise or a WOW-me proposal/engagement or wedding? Give Caribbean Buzz a call. And set that memory in motion…

Caribbean Buzz Helicopters
8202 Lindbergh Bay
St. Thomas USVI

You can send them an email or call to book.
And they also have a contact form on our website.

T: +1 (340) 775 7335
T: +1 (347) 284 6335
F: +1 (340) 774 7133

[Cover photo: Don Hebert]

Estate Lindholm B&B St John USVI

The popular St John B&B, Stone Post Estate, will be closed for renovations throughout the winter of 2019/2020. For those that loved staying at Stone Post Estate, we share your sadness. But fear not, we’ve compiled some great alternative places to stay. Among the selections you’ll find other St John B&Bs, Grande Bay Resort, Places to stay in Cruz Bay and affordable places to stay on St John.


St John has several beautiful B&Bs at different price points. Garden by the Sea has (3) charming rooms, convenient to Cruz Bay. Estate Lindholm has (16) rooms, overlooks Cruz Bay harbor and is a short hike to (2) National Park beaches, Salomon Beach and Honeymoon Beach. Click the link below to see these options.

St John Inns | B+Bs


Located within walking distance of all things Cruz Bay including bars/restaurants, shopping and transportation. These wonderful condos boast Cruz Bay harbor views, shared pool and gym. Our listings are all direct with owners, and rates vary by unit size and location. Click the link below to see our Grande Bay Resort inventory.

Grande Bay Resort St John USVI


Looking for the convenience of walk-to-everything in Cruz Bay? Here’s a quick link to listings in Cruz Bay. You can refine your search by adjusting budget, # bedrooms, amenities, etc. And use the map markers to see where each property is located. Click the link below to view Cruz Bay vacation rentals.

Search Results


We’ve pulled together some budget-friendly vacation rentals form across St John. From cute island cottages to shared pool condos and more! Click the links below to view these options.

Kachi Ra

Conch Villa Vista

Search Results