Discover St John

St John’s Beaches

Looking for those beautiful white sand beaches that make all of the Caribbean’s Best Beaches lists? Then you’re looking for St John’s North Shore beaches. Here’s our list of TOP St John Beaches .

BEST St John Snorkeling Beaches

With perhaps the best shallow water snorkeling in the entire Caribbean, St John’s beaches offer snorkeling directly off most of the beaches! Here’s our TOP 10 List of Best Snorkeling on St John.

St John Hiking Trails

With over 2/3rds of the island protected by the Virgin Islands National Park, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to hike! Here’s a great resource with descriptions of the most popular hiking trails on St John.

Things to do on St John

Most people come to St John for the beauty of the island, stunning white sand beaches and the best shallow water snorkeling in Caribbean. All great reasons to visit. But for those of you looking for more things to do … here’s our St John Activities Guide .

Cruz Bay vs Coral Bay

The island of St John is literally divided down the middle by the US Virgin Islands National Park. Cruz Bay, with its ferry system connected to St Thomas, is the economic center of St John. Coral Bay, on the eastern side of the island, is considered more remote, quieter and less developed. Each has its charms; and each has its fans.

The main difference between Cruz Bay and Coral Bay for the traveler comes down to vacation preferences. Cruz Bay has many more shops and restaurants / bars, groceries and gas stations. For those visitors looking for the convenience and activity that comes with a larger commercial district …Cruz Bay would be your choice.

Looking for a villa rental that’s off-the-beaten-path? Then you’ll likely find Coral Bay a good fit. With only a handful of shops and less than a dozen restaurants and bars – Coral Bay feels like a world away.

St John Rental Cars

St John car rental Jeep 4x4If you’re on St John for the day then grab one of the safari taxis waiting at the ferry dock in Cruz Bay. For guests visiting for more than a few day – you’ll want to rent a car or Jeep to really see the island. With over a dozen rental car agencies on St John, there still aren’t enough vehicles to go around. So, it’s best to make a reservation well in advance; and confirm that reservation at least 2 weeks before your visit. Here’s our list of St John Rental Car + Jeep™ Agencies .