COVID19 Coronavirus St John USVI travel advisory information

COVID19 Coronavirus Info

St John Travel Advisory: COVID19 / Coronavirus

Effective June 1, 2020, US Virgin Islands Governor Bryan has reopened the Territory to visitors.

News and information is changing each day as the COVID19 virus spreads around the Globe. For this reason we are recommending that guests booked for visits to the US Virgin Islands reach out to vacation rental owners and managers to discuss the impact and potential remedies for reservations / bookings over the next few months.

What do I do if I have a trip booked …?
As the COVID19 virus spreads – transportation and accommodations providers are working on a case-by-case basis to cancel, refund, or rebook at a later date. In addition, airlines may decide to reduce flights to certain destinations. The cruise ship industry has suspended cruises in the Region. The US Virgin Islands has closed ports to cruise ships. For these reasons – we recommend reaching out to your vacation rental Host to discuss your concerns.

Can I expect to get a full refund for my vacation rental?
St John’s vacation rental owners and managers each have their own cancellation policies. And owners and managers cancellation policies are evolving in regards to travelers impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. In these uncertain times – our owners and managers are working with guests to find a path that is fair for all parties. We suggest communicating with your island Host to see if your vacation will be impacted; and what can be done to mitigate the impact …

I am booked for Christmas 2020. Should I cancel?
Cancellations are a personal choice. Only you can decide the answer to this question. What we are recommending is a wait-and-see strategy. As we get closer to your visit dates – assess the current state of travel from your area to the US Virgin Islands. If you are concerned about a future booking – please reach out and communicate with the owner/manager of your vacation rental. They’ll be glad to answer questions, give updates and work with you to address the stress of uncertainty.

When will I be able to book a stay on St John?
The Coronavirus pandemic is still very much evolving. For this reason we recommend a wait-and-see strategy. As more information becomes available – we believe travel will resume. When? Well, that is anybody’s best guess. So stay tuned for more information. We’ll be sharing updates on anything that affects travel to/from the US Virgin Islands.

Should I get Trip Insurance?
We have always recommended trip insurance for guests visiting St John, US Virgin Islands. Since most reservations are made months or even a year or more in advance … it’s prudent to protect your vacation against weather, health and For Any Reason depending on your age, health, work, family situations. Since each company and policy has so many choices for coverage – we don’t recommend any one provider or policy. Please research the provider and policy that is best for you.

Note: Some homeowners insurance policies have vacation travel insurance add-ons. Check with your insurance provider to see if this solution fits your needs.

A Message for St John Villa Rentals Site

As the Covid19 virus evolves it will impact global health and commerce on an unprecedented scale. Just as your personal and financial situation is unique – so is the situation of each one of our St John vacation rental owners. In 2017 St John suffered back to back CAT5 hurricanes which destroyed homes and infrastructure and disrupted travel and business for 6 to 12 months! We are asking that guests and owners/managers work together and communicate to resolve cancellations that impact both sides. What does that mean? That means patience and understanding from both parties. When this pandemic has run its course – travel will resume. And when it does … we hope everybody can look back and be proud of the patience, compassion, sympathy and cooperation that we each displayed.