Tripadvisor increases fees 2017

Tripadvisor Announces 2017 Rate Increases

The ink wasn’t even dry on St John Villa Rentals post about increased fees and pay-to-play tactic being implemented by those mega-rental sites! Then Tripadvisor joins the frenzied feeding upon advertisers!

Effective January 1, 2017 you’ll see an increase in Pay Per Lead Rates

In a recent email notification to Tripadvisor property owners and managers they announce fee increases for phone leads, email leads and booking requests. Well, unless you book on their platform. This is a slight twist on the strategy being implemented by other mega-rental sites that we reported on earlier. But the goal is the same. Squeeze advertisers with more fees …unless they do what you want them to do.

We’re Guessing You Already Feel Like You Pay Enough!

Are you a Tripadvisor advertiser? If you are, we bet you’re shaking your head at these increased fees. You’re wondering if you should just give in to booking through Tripadvisor to avoid the fees. Ever see fish being caught in a net? The net encircles the fish. They’re slowly herded into a ball; and the net closes around them.

As advertisers you shouldn’t be penalized for booking off platform. But, as property owners and managers become more and more dependent on individual sites – those sites are emboldened to charge higher and higher fees. That cycle will continue until the owners and managers are given an alternative. was designed and built to give St John property owners and managers a way to wean themselves off the mega-rental sites, the ever increasing fees and the pay-to-play booking strategy. We’re a community site – built exclusively for the St John rental community with feedback from the St John Accommodations council, villa owners and St John management companies. We spent almost 6 months planning and developing a web site with the structure and functionality required to compete with the established mega rental sites.


Join us in building an independent online St John rental platform. Every property that joins helps us deliver the selection and price range that travelers are looking for. And you’ll be an important part of a St John movement to rely less on corporate travel sites! As they implement their strategy to control a larger and larger part of your rental property business – you’ll have fewer and fewer options. As you can see, fees will just continue to rise. And your ability to manage your business and bookings will be taken from you.


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